Starsong Within

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Gentle Energy from a Divine Source


REIKI is a Japanese term for energy that is directed by the Divine,

or commonly called Universal Energy.


      Rei =divine guidance    Ki = life force energy that is in all living things.


              Reiki refers to an ancient Tibetan healing practice involving the laying on of hands

                              and receiving unconditional loving energy from a Higher Source

                            to promote relaxation and clearing energy pathways. 


        The results of receiving an energy session vary from person to person

      according to individual needs

  and awareness.


Sessions in Reiki, MT and Karuna Reiki

can inspire you to:


*open to your intuition,

*relax, free yourself from stress,

*release tension, pain, trauma,

*balance body and auric energies on all levels,

*feel peace and calm,

*reduce pain,

*recover from illness, surgery, trauma

* focus and attend

*lessen hyperactivity

*receive guidance from Divine Source





These energy technologies compliment other healing methods,

assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 



Classes in Reiki allow you to learn to use this universal energy

for yourself, on others and the world in a loving yet balanced way.



Experience Reiki as a process To Inner Peace and Compassion.

A gift to yourself and others.





                                                              Reiki,  A Way of Compassion and Peace

                                  Reiki is about being in the flow with all that is.  It is gentle touch with compassion
                                            and can bring clarity and peace.   Working with the idea that we are all energy
                                            beings and that ailments happen when our natural life force is blocked.  The
                                            use of Reiki  can help get the energy flowing again and bring relief.
                                   It is easy to learn how to use Reiki because we all have the life force within us.

                                   Reiki can be used on ourselves, others, animals, plants, food, water, world situations
                                            and applied to daily issues as we learn to stay in the present and detach from
                                            judgement and outcomes.  It can assist us through any life transition, big or small.

                                    Reiki is not a religion yet its principles remind us to be grateful, kind, be at peace,
                                            trust and Healer, heal thyself!     What you do for yourself, you do for others.

                                   Many forms of Reiki have developed and evolved since Dr. Usui rediscovered
                                           the process in the 1800's in Japan.   Most practitioners begin with the
                                           Traditional Usui Method and go on from there.

                                    I have been a Reiki Master since 1997 and can attest to the transformational
                                            value of the work.   My goal now as a Master-Teacher is to guide you
                                            to awaken your own inner healer, learn to relax and to be grounded in your
                                            body while deepening your trust in your own body-mind-spirit connection.


                                                                                       Basic REIKI TRAINING

                                    As Reiki energy is an inherent part of all beings, anyone can learn to channel it.

                                   In Traditional Usui Reiki as passed down from my masters, there are three levels:

                                   Reiki First Degree: Awaken Your Inner Healer
You learn its history, precepts and basic hand positions and how to use Reiki on yourself and others.
                                         You become connected with a higher vibration through 4 attunements, meditation and practise
                                         Reiki on the physical plane.                               Investment: $125.00

                                   Reiki Second Degree
                                          You learn to use symbols for mental/emotional healing and distance healing.
                                          You receive attunements to increase your ability to transmit energy.         Investment: $250.00

                                     Reiki Third Degree: Reiki Master
                                           You learn to teach all three Reiki levels and pass on the Reiki Ray through attunements.
                                           You are given more symboles and attuned as a Master, for your own spiritual development
                                           or, if you feel called, as a teacher.   This degree also is prerequisite for Karuna Reiki and Blue
                                           Star Celestial Energy training.                         Investment: $500.00


                                                                               Basic Reiki Session

                                   Through gentle touch the person giving Reiki allows Universal Love energy to flow
                                      through the hands.  The person receiving draws the energy from Source through
                                      the healer (a conduit).  Reiki goes where it is needed, guided by the recipient, as the
                                      body-mind of each person knows what is ready to heal.

                                   Sessions are 60-90 minutes long with time to adjust to the release and receiving of energy.
                                      The client , dressed in comfortable clothing, lays on a Reiki Table to relax as the healer
                                      allows the energy to flow through joints, feet, back, head, and major energy centres of the
                                      body. (chakras)  By the end of the session, the energy is balanced and one usually feels
                                      relaxed and refreshed and may have let go some lower vibration energy. (pain, fatigue etc.)
                                         In my sessions, I may channel the healing sounds of Karuna Reiki and recieve guidance
                                      from your Higher Self or Guides.

                               To Book a Reiki Session or Register for Classes, please contact me:
                                or call : 613-473-1003.