Starsong Within

Inspirations for Body, Mind and Spirit


I offer Reiki sessions in person and may call upon a variety of Reiki rays as directed by the Universe, the divine healer in you. The chanting of Karuna Reiki for deeper healing or the multidimensional energy of blue Star. We let our ego dictates go and allow Reiki to flow. It will know what is needed.

A session involves you lying, completely dressed on a reiki table or in a relaxed state. I lay soothing music and ask to be guided on your behalf as I gentle lay hands on your joints, tummy, head, back and feet. When you are ready your inner healer will draw energy from universe through my hands. You may or may not feel it but my hands usually get warm in spots that want it. It takes 60-90 minutes to do a full treatment. It depends on the energy and what is happening.

Each treatment is unique to you and may be different each time you come. Many just come for an energy boost. Energy follows intent and if you are connected to your inner healer you can co-operate and release issues more consciously.

Results and Benefits are also subjective and individual to each person. I do not know what is best for you and perhaps your mind may not, but trust that the inner wisdom does and it is that which will guide the work.

I like to say if Love goes in, then any vibration less than love wants to release. We all let go in different ways. Tears and anger release can occur. People have had pain relief, mental clarity, and stress dissolve into relaxation as we clear the field heavy energies.

Unconditional Love transforms all. It is only our fear of letting go old patterns that holds us back. People feel better, lighter after a session. Many go away feeling more in their body, energized or aware of just how depleted they were.

More chronic issues may take more time as many times illness are with us because we have unresolved feelings and traumas. They take time to uncover and release. It has been my personal experience that it is so. The more I released my anger the more pain desisted . I also know we are never given more a than we can handle, so if something comes up for you to release, trust it is your time to do so. Much joy and peace is on the other side of it. We have the choice. Reiki can assist the process.

Many just come for an energy boost. You do not need to have issues to enjoy and benefit from Reiki. It just keeps raising your vibration! It is great for maintaining healthy energy.

I provide a safe, confidential space for you to relax and allow the highest benefit in the moment. It can be quiet or you can share and ask questions. You will know what is best for you. And YOU ARE WORTHY of the best.

Investment in yourself: $80.00cdn

Or 3 sessions for $200.

Metamorphic Technique Session

A metamorphic session is quite different than Reiki and as transformational.

It involves you sitting or laying down full clothed, except for your feet as I will be gently massaging your feet, hands and head in a detached manner. As I touch the reflex points on your feet, it triggers the body to release what ever block is first in line to fall.

Nothing else is required. You do not even have to share your story or issues. You can relax, sleep or chat as we allow the life force intelligence in your being to make the changes you need to be you best self.

Some people do fall asleep as it is so relaxing~ ~a time for yourself.

People feel relaxed and may notice changes in emotions or environment shortly after as session. Or changes may be more subtle over time. Again it is your inner being who knows the timing and what you can handle.

Ideally it is good to have several sessions to really begin the process but your body will know what is right for you. It can take time to get to the major trauma blocks of a life as release happens from the most current stressors and works back. That is why it is so beneficial for children. Then can release natal trauma quicker as they do not have so much life experience conditioning them as we do. It can actually help our children to get ourselves cleared of our old patterns so we can be freer to be our true selves and be more real with our kids.

Sessions are 60-70 minutes, 20 minutes each foot, 5 m each hand, 10m on the head.

Investment in yourself: $80.00

Astrology Readings

Why? You ask! Are you not worth understanding and getting to know in a deeper way so you can shine all the brighter--be who you were born to be, who you dream to be at your best moment or memory?

I ,too, thought horoscopes! Phooey! As an Aries I think I only found one or two that ever made sense to me. But one day, while having a metamorphic technique sessions, the practitioner, who was also a Huber Astrologer introduced me to Astrology! I took her class and was bowled over in shock when right there on this natal chart was me! Yep, my duality, my behaviours, my motivations, the darker side I thought no one knew, my cherished hopes that even I hid, even the craziness of two voices that I was feeling at the time were right there. Even my YES BUTS!! I was Not Nuts. All the goods and criticisms of me were there. Normal!! For me!

Having an over analytical mind who wants to know everything and trying to understand myself, I was hooked in. The deeper we went into the work, the more my life unfolded--the way I saw my mom, my dad, my siblings, why I had the predisposition to the pain I was having and why things happened when they did. Even some insights to what my purpose was.

Moreover it helped me to understand others and where they were coming from. Really rocked my ego’s world of judgement. Hey, I had an unconscious black and white thinking thing going on in my chart until I woke up and saw it! Now I am responsible to for its actions.

So most importantly, how this awareness could help me drop some negatives and life more consciously.

So if I can understand and see the bigger picture it is possible to transform and transcend from within.

The journey out of my box began and continues still as the spiral of evolution is never done!

Astrology is a tool, a light when the dark seems too big . It gives confirmation really, that all is ok and you have all you need to live here and do more than survive.

It can be guide, a timer as you see the cycles and how Your creator Spirit never leaves you. It comes around like the moon every night, triggering you to greatness-even out of the pit.

It can renew your heart when you dwell in its center and see your potential glory.

And help you accept and love the very one you are in the process you chose and that you can now take conscious leadership in.

So are you ready to remember the Totally amazing BEING you are?

If you are still here, ask yourself Why?

Does it feel Light to consider RECEIVING support on your path of discovery and inquiry?

What do you desire?

Are you ready to CHOOSE it?

I offer natal Chart Reading based on Huber Astrology Method.

What can we discover together about he Mystery Of the Inifnite BEING you are?

I include some key items of what is going on now as well.

Be inspired and enlightened in this reading designed to give you insights into your personality, motivations as to actions and relationships, soul's purpose, symbols and energies that are clues to the inner workings of your being.

90 minutes

Which includes coloured natal chart based on your time place of birth and date of birth.


I offer a mini 30 minute reading.

In the Moment Now! For insights into where you are now on your birth path, influences and motivations that are active or being activated now, and basic personality traits, this is the place to start. This is a personalized reading, not computer generated.

I also do Charts For Children

With key elements that can help you understand them and their relationship to you.

Depending on age I include a pictoral chart for the child to colour as well.

Investment: $60.00

After an initial consultation of your chart,

Updates are available.

Contact Mona at 613-473-1003,   or my ocntact page.