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                                                                The Metamorphic Technique 

                    "An Opportunity to TAP Your Own Power, To HEAL Yourself, To Truly CREATE Yourself!"

            The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle, specialized massage of the feet, hands and head.  It releases stress patterns built into the psyche during formative pre-natal period, compounded during childhood and solidified by life experiences.  This blocked energy can be cleared through the recipient's own creative Life Force, which desires to expand and change.  It activates the self-healing process.  The dissolving of old patterns takes place naturally, with a feeling of rightness and stability underlying the changes.  Imbalances can be corrected in many areas and levels ranging from physical conditions, handicaps to emotional imbalances.

         This technique can help you move through LIFE CHANGES more easily and with greater confidence.  It is wonderful and relaxing for men, women, pregnant women and children of all ages.

         A session can be done in a comfortable place and takes an hour.  The practitioner plays a supportive but detached role while focusing on the spinal reflexes on the feet, hands and head.  She/he allows your own life force energy to correct imbalances.  You can talk, be silent or sleep and it is Not necessay to analyze problems.  YOUR SYSTEM KNOWS what needs to shift first and will happen at your own pace.  How often you need your feet done is up to Your Intuition.  Some people like to come once a week as a tool for transformation and growth.  Many begin with a series of 6 sessions, paced every 7-10 days to give the process a good start.

        The effects are subjective according to individual experiences.  It has helped people  with personal crisis, addictions, ADD, Autism, illnesses and stressors that can relate to prenatal development and the results of trauma.

        The Metamorphic Technique is a simple approach to healing, relaxation, personal development and the realization of  one's full potential.


                      Mona Germain,  Metamorphic Technique Practitioner,    613-473-1003  Eldorado, Ontario