Starsong Within

Inspirations for Body, Mind and Spirit


                                                                                                       Blue Star ©Celestial Energy


Blue Star Celestial Energy is a natural healing method of Truth and Light

and resonates at a high dimensional level of healing to bring peace to the planet.

It was channeled by John Williams in 1995 and developed by Gary Jirauch.


Blue Star Celestial Energy is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap

between God-Source and Mankind---the Rainbow Bridge.

It enables initiates to function at expanded levels of awareness.

Blue Star offers a passage through the universal door allowing the search

for knowledge,  enlightenment and its sharing with all sentient beings.

It is concerned with both immediate physical benefits like health, and

everyday life but also is primarily aimed toward spiritual growth and evolution.


Blue Star is suited to guide individuals who have a background in

advanced energy work.  Eg. Reiki Masters.



If you believe that the next step in your personal evolution will occur as

you build the Rainbow Bridge to you own High Self

and through it to still higher dimensions,

Blue Star Celestial Energy is for you.


You will learn to develop a “spiritual filament of light” which serves as a

channel between your conscious mind and High Self

and discover a profound connection to the higher dimensions

that can bring transformational power to your life.


Blue Star Celestial Energy training is offered in two levels.

Practitioner and Master

Reiki Mastership is the pre-requisite for the Master Level.

Each level includes:

 initiation and seven symbols,

Training Manual



Level One: Practitioner

One day training,    Investment: $250.00 Cdn.


Level Two: Master/Teacher

One day training,     Investment: $350.00 Cdn.



I would like to express my respect and gratitude to my Blue Star Celestial Master Lineage

that have passed on these teachings to me.

John Williams & Gary Jirauch,  Donalda Loucks.