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Astrology Profiles



YOU are a unique, walking moment of time!


Your birth chart is a map of the heavens based on the moment of your birth: your entry into this world!

It represents:

*the energy pattern or circuit you carry through this Earth walk.



It guides you:

*to Remember and Shine and the Star You Are!






Personal Profiles offer you

An opportunity to feel good about You!


As You


*Rediscover and reclaim Who You Are

*Understand why you do what you do,

why you click with someone and conflict with another,

*Affirm your gifts and talents

*Gain awareness of your blocks and potential choices and solutions

*Understand family/relationship issues

*Find your cycles of growth:

your ups and downs past and present,

*Accept the lessons you are learning

as part of a bigger picture,

*Promote Confidence in yourself

Gain a greater vision of Yourself and Your Life Path,

so you can create and choose with more conscious awareness.



If you seek Inspiration, affirmation, information, guidance, understanding, self-empowerment

A light in the tunnel

A way out of the box

A gateway to self-knowing

A pat on the back

A wide angle lens on a situation


Permission from your Source


The very one

You came to create.


An Astrology Consultation can be the key.


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  As Above, So Below.                                                                                                                                              As Within, So Without.





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   Tune into Your Vibration


                                                 Astrology is a science, a language, an art and a tool.  It is inspirational and

                                          practical.  It is fun, enlightening and deeply personal.

                                                 We all want to be who we are, to understand ourselves and why we are here

                                          and how we fit into the whole.   For me, Astrology is a gateway—into rediscovering

                                          who I am—and a guide, indicating influences and timing so that I can excel in my

                                          high cycles and persevere in the lower ones.  It’s all about Energy---- when it is

                                          there and when it’s time to recoup and what we are vibrating.


                                                   A birth chart is a map of the heavens based on the time, date and place of birth.

                                                               Carl Jung, a great psychologist once said,

                                                                                     “Whatever is born, or done, in this moment of time,

                                                                                        has the qualities of this moment of time!”

                                                   These vibratory qualities in the moment are unique and unrepeatable.

                                                                                    So You are a Walking moment in time, unique in the universe.


                                                    The energy in the heavens at that moment is imprinted within you so the natal

                                             chart becomes a blueprint of potential for a lifetime.  This circuit plan has many

                                             paths to explore and the use you make of your energy potential is your choice.

                                                    With greater awareness of your personality, your motivations, temperaments,

                                             gifts and purpose you can gain inner peace and make more choices that serve you.

                                                     There are 12 signs, 10 planets and 12 house in a chart based on time and place.

                                             Combinations of these energies make each person unique.  Knowing these

                                              patterns can give you greater understanding and appreciation for yourself and

                                              other people. 


                                                      Astrology, in its long history, has helped people to understand their archetypal

                                               patterns, family dynamics, destiny, health issues and cycles of energy.  It has been

                                               used as a guide to career, relationship patterns, and self-empowerment.


                                                       Astrology can assist you on your life journey, unveiling your tapestry, unfolding

                                                the mystery of who you are on all levels.  And give you perspective that you are

                                                indeed an individual and yet connected to all that is.



                                                        The Astrology readings I do here are based on the Huber Method of

                                                Astrological Psychology.  It is not a predictive approach but combines

                                                basic principles of astrology with the modern insights of Assagioli’s

                                                Psychosynthesis as developed by Louise and Bruno Huber.                                                                   


                                                        Astrology is not just about the stars

                                                                but about the people who live on the Earth,

                                                                                           and about their embeddedness in the Cosmic Whole.




                The sky and its stars make music in you.”

                                                Egyptian Temple Inscription