Starsong Within

Inspirations for Body, Mind and Spirit

I am educator and have been a Reiki Master and Astrologer for 13 years. I began my interest in the healing arts in the 1980”s. Reiki, Herbal remedies, MT were instrumental in bringing me back to health after suffering with adrenal exhaustion, depression, hyperactivity, hyperglycaemia and chronic pain. I began with the medical system but soon embraced complimentary techniques that sped my recovery and gave me an acceptance of myself --and a new perspective---a way out of my box!

Knowledge and energy channelling from inspiring teachers and healers on my journey has led me to healing and ongoing transformation. When the walls I had created came crashing down, as they will, when we do not enter change consciously and willingly, the light was there to catch me in unexpected ways.

I am still discovering and remembering who I am--and l accept the process, even when it presents the shadow side of my being.

When an extraordinary healer and Huber Astrologer introduced me to Astrology, I was astounded at the accuracy of the information about myself, my life, health, behaviours, relationships just from my birth chart. It showed me that I was actually ok--that everything was in order and if I could become more aware I could take more charge of my issues and head toward my destiny in a more conscious and happy way. I was hooked and as a teacher thought how great it would be to give others that gift--that enlightenment--something that would encourage self esteem and power!

My joy now is to share what may awaken and inspire you--offer some gem that confirms you, that reaches in and touches Your belief in yourself, your talents, and brings you to a place of peace and joy in the moment our of discomfort and confusion! I aim to facilitate and support you in your journey of self discovery and the creation of your heart’s desire.

We are all works in progress and sometimes need a hand in polishing up the rusty facets of our diamond self.

I offer a variety of modalities which work together and yet on the same principle. Everything and everyone is energy. We are layered and multi dimensional and so may require different techniques for different facets or times in our lives.